Dr. Joelle Choucair - Board Member

A long-time BASIS parent, and frequent contributor to the south Texas philanthropic community, Dr. Joelle Choucair earned a Master’s in Optometry, and Optical Sciences from the University of Orsay—Paris Sud, and a Doctor of Optometry from the New England College of Optometry.

Dr. Choucair practices optometry, and devotes significant time in her professional life to managing her husband’s cardiology practice.

Dr. Choucair has a wealth of previous Board, and committee experience: She is currently a Board member for Teens Give Back, a non-profit, volunteering organization in San Antonio.

She also serves as the president of the Coastal Heart Foundation, an organization she, and her husband founded for the purposes of supporting community health in south Texas.

Dr. Choucair also serves on the Board of Ball for All, a nonprofit founded by her children with the goal of using team sports to bridge socio-economic divides in the community.